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Mom and Terry Moses

I'm still waiting on some answers to questions before I can start this page ... to be continued.

Bonnie (my mom) and George Ernest Baker

Bonnie (my mom) and George Ernest Baker

Mom thinks she and George Baker (my biological dad) were married in November of 1956. She never kept the marriage license (Bummer on that!) or divorce papers so a date can only be guessed. She believes that after a year of marriage she became pregnant with me and so this is how she is coming up with the marriage month and year of November of 1956. They were married at the justice of peace office in Newport, Kentucky. I was born in Newport, Kentucky.

And this is the rest of what mom had to say via email: "As usual I was alone and had to beg Mom to go sign for me...no one else was there...she went straight home ..George and I went and had coneys and a coke and went to stay at his Mom and Dads house..we rented a room as soon as he got his check..I did say A room..bathroom was down the hall and everybody on that second floor used it. We had a bed and a chair and 2 hooks on the wall to hang clothes. But we really didn’t feel deprived as both our families were poor as church mice. George was working at a clothing factory that made mens suits. He was a cutter with huge shears and cut out the patterns of layers of material . Can’t remember the name of the place..seems like Palm Beach or something and it was in Newport. Strange that Babe also worked at a mens clothing factory but she was a seamstress..in Cincinnati. Later George landed a great job with Mc Greggor sporting co...making golf clubs and real good money. Don’t remember how much. I think he stayed with that company till he retired. He transferred to Florida while there."

George was very jealous of mom (Bonnie) and had an explosive anger problem and was at times abusive. She believes they divorced when I was about two or two and a half years old. That would have been in the year of 1960 or 1961.

Some facts -

1. I rolled my head back in forth in my crib watching a cuckoo clocks pendulum swing and it would put me to sleep.
2. I had spinal meningitis as an infant and it almost took my life. The high fever is most likely the cause of loss of hearing in my right ear.
3. I was a happy baby.
4. I rolled my head in bed for a very long time and did it even into my 30's. It was a motion I found calming and it helped put me to sleep. Of course I was embarrassed of it and never did it when anyone was around. Weird how that stuck with me though huh?

^ Bonnie Sue Baker (Hall) and George Baker. I'm guessing this is probably that one room they rented shortly after they were married.

^ Mom pregnant with me. She was 17 years old.

A Little About Me -

A little About Me

I'm going to make this journal of my family history. Something the kids can someday look back on and read if they so desire. So a little about me -

I was born the 3rd day of August in the year of 1958 on a Sunday at 7:50 p.m. (I just turned 55 yesterday.). I weighed in at 6 pounds and 10 ounces and was 19 inches in length. I am the only child from the marriage of my real mom and dad whose names are Bonnie Sue Hall and George Ernest Baker. They divorced when I was very young and latter remarried. I have several half brothers and sisters. To be exact, there are 7 that I am aware of and their names are:

From my Mom's side- (Bonnie Sue Hall was born August 26th in 1940)

1. William Thomas Scott (mom was 15 and unwed when she gave birth to William Thomas Scott on May 12th of 1956 at Catherine Booth Hospital for unwed mothers. She was raped and then forced into giving up her son. Imagine the absolute humiliation all this must have been for a 15 year old girl.
2. Jodi Lee Baker (That's me! born August 3rd of 1958 to George Ernest Baker. Mom's first husband. Mom was 17 when she had me.)
3. Mark Wayne Moses (born in 1964 to Terry Wayne Moses. Mom's second husband)
4. Michael Lynn Moses (born in 1965 to Terry Wayne Moses. Mom's second husband)
5. Cari Sue Lerma (born February 13th in 1970 to Raymond Molina Lerma. Mom's third husband and the man that raised me. He was my "Dad".)

From my Dad's side - (George Ernest Baker was born October 4th in 1939)

1. Jodi Lee Baker (born August 3rd 1958, That's me again!)
2. Douglas Lee Baker (born February 13th in 1963 to Elizabeth Mae Kindle)
3. Debra Sue Baker (born August 31st in 1965 to Elizabeth Mae Kindle)
4. Iona Violet Baker (born August 21st in 1969 to Elizabeth Mae Kindle)

Zodiac Stuff -

1. My zodiac sign is Leo and my symbol is the lion. (hear me roar!)
2. My ruling planet is the Sun and my element is fire.
3. My birthstone is Peridot. (gem is light to medium green in color)
4. My zodiac day is Sunday. (and I was born on that day!)
5. My zodiac flower is the sunflower and marigold. (Sunflowers are one of my favorites flowers! I'd rather have a bouquet of them than roses.)
6. My zodiac color is orange. (I'm not particularly fond of this color in anything but flowers.)
7. My metal is gold and my lucky numbers are 8 and 9.

Do I believe in any of this? Yes and no. I believe the Zodiac signs have been studied at great lengths and that it is pretty darn accurate in describing peoples personalities. I believe the sun, stars, moon and planets all play a big part in our daily lives. The Zodiac's have always been fun for me to read and I still enjoy it but ultimately, I put my trust and faith in God. I was baptized as Southern Baptist but I consider myself a non-denominational Christian. My book of choice is the New International Version. Soooo much better to comprehend than the King James Version! The Bible has been extremely enjoyable to read since I switched to the NIV a few years ago.

The only picture that I have of my real dad holding me when I was a baby. One of the very few pictures I have of him period.

This is such an awesome picture and I'm thrilled to have it! I just love that mom is smiling down at me.

Mom says there was actually a parakeet in that cage behind me and that I loved watching it. It always made me laugh.

Mom says she crocheted these baby booties for me and that the dress was pink in color.