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My Great Grandma Callie Dora Mynear - Kenney/Howard (aka Babe)

October 29 1900 - May 5 1990 (Callie was 90 years old when she passed)

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Callie Dora Kenney (everyone called her Babe) was my Great-Grandma. While I didn't see her very often I do remember having visited her a few times with my mom and grandma. I've been a little confused by her last name. I know she later married a Howard when she gave birth to grandma and grandma's siblings. In her Bible she logs a lot of Kenney names. The Kenney names are spelled two different ways. I'm guessing someone else had also logged some of the names and just spelled it wrong.

Callie's mom was Mollie Jane Kenney and I have James Mynear as her dad. I don't know if this is Callie's real dad or not. And I don't know if the name Mynear is spelled correctly. I have it as Mineer too. I don't know why Callie didn't take the name Mynear. Or why there are no Mynear names in the Bible. Perhaps she never liked her dad or James wasn't her real father? I don't know. In this Bible Callie's last name is logged as Callie Kenney ... the same as her mother's maiden name.

Here is a list of all the names that was in Callie's Bible. Some were very faded but this is as best as I could decipher -

Hanson Kenny - Born February 22 1898 (?)

Huldy ? ( not sure of first name) Kenny - Born July 4 1899 ?

Mary R. Kenney - Born September 11 1904

Nellie Kenney - Born February 18 1907

Lizzy M. Kenny and Lindsay J. Reno (?) was married October 20 1897

Owen Kenney was married January 19 1898

George Lee Carson - Born October 10 1906

Aunt Masy (can't make out the name) Cook died March 17 1911

Owen Kenney - Born August 27 1868

John Lewis Kenny - Born June 20 1870

James M. Kenney - Born May 10 1872

Mary Jane Kenny - Born February 18 1876

Liza M. Kenny - Born February 3 1877

Alice Kenny - Born February 17 1879

Harlan Kenny - Born May 16 1882

Hattie Kenney - Born April 16 1885 (?)

Audry M Kenny - Born October 10 1896

Levy (Can't make the first name out) Kenney - Born July 14 1891 ? Can't make out the last number.

Ada Kenney - Born November 14 1891

Hazel Ray Reno - Born September 6 1898

Malcolm A. Reno - Born August 7 1900 (?)

John L. Kenny Died September 2 1874

Alice Kenny Died April 20 1898

Nellie Kenney died February 11 1908

Owen Kenney died December 9 1908

Edward Cason Born December 6 1908

Harry falas (?) Cason Born July 11 1911

Callie Kenney Born October 29 1900

John S Feeback died September 29 1896

Willis Kenney and Rutha J Feeback was married October 10 1867

A little of what I remember mom telling me about Babe (Callie Dora Kenney), her mom (Carrie Mable Howard) and her dad (Pascal Hall).

Babe was a big Bible thumper and this turned mom off from God and the Bible for most of her life as she said Babe "crammed it down everyone's throats". Mom says she belives it even drove Babe's husband away from her along with lots of other people. Mom did however tell me, just months before she passed away, that she (my mom) had made her peace with God. Babe always favored mom's two brothers (Gary and Denny Hall) over her. Mom had a lot of animosity towards Babe and often told me she was a cold hearted woman.  

Although mom and grandma (Carrie Mable Howard) ended up having a good relationship years later and when they both were older .. it wasn't always a good one. Mom said she and her brothers were often left alone to fend for themselves at such a young age. They went without food many times and often had to steal bread from the store to eat. Grandma worked but liked to be in the bars when she wasn't working. This was after her husband, mom's dad, (Pascal Hall - my real grandpa) had died. At one point Pascal went to Prison because he wrote a bad check for a large sum of money. Pascal was a heavy drinker and would at times become abusive. or try to! Mom says she remembers when grandma would chase him out of the house with a broom or skillet in her hand or sling something at him. Grandma wouldn't put up with him when he was drunk. Mom says Pascal adored her (mom) and often splurged on her. He would take her for haircuts and out to get her picture taken. He'd buy her cute little outfits etc. Pascal died of on overdose of pills and alcohol. He was drunk and took too many of his prescription pills. Later, grandma would end up marrying one of Pascal's best friend that she met at a bar. Raymond Clyde Eaves, called 'Bull' by everyone in the family. He is the man I always knew as my grandpa.

Babe was a seamstress in a factory for many years. She worked at Fechheimer's making mens suits and she sewed most all her own clothes. She sewed for others as a second income too. A very hard working woman.

With WW2 jobs became scarce and many were laid off. Gramma (Carrie Mable Howard) had to leave to Michigan, from Kentucky where she, Babe, mom and mom's brothers were living to get a job as a telephone operator. She and three other woman lived in a tiny cramped apartment so they could make ends meet. Grandma left mom and her brothers with Babe and sent her money whenever she got a check to help support the kids. Babe sewed all of mom's and her brothers clothes. She had a garden and canned most all of her own food. It's a no wonder that Babe may have been a cold woman. It seems to me that she had a lot on her plate with her seamstress jobs, raising her daughters (my gramma)  three kids (my mom and her two brothers), gardening and canning. I don't know if Babe was still working at the factory when gramma had to leave for Michigan but even still, that was a lot of work for Babe to take on.

**I found the document I was looking for where I had asked mom to say a few little things about some people in the family and this is what she said about Babe -

"Babe..she was very BIG early in life ...really big...I remember her saying one time that the Dr told her to watch what she ate. that she was "kinda" diabetic. at her weight I could see why.  A
nd she said...I don't want to go out of this world a piece at a after that I remember her eating boiled chicken and veggies a lot. well we always ate lots of veggies anyhow. On her death certificate it says she died of cardiomyopathy. In the hospital her last few days...she had congestive heart failure. I don't know if she had afibs like me or not. she never talked much about her medical problems as didn't Mary Jane or mom. It was a private thing and they never wanted anyone to think they were complaining. They were proud old gals."

Death Certificate - (click to view larger size)

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