Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Great Great Grandma Mollie Jane Kenney (aka Mary Jane)

Mollie Jane Kenney (also known as Mary Jane) 
She was born February 18 of 1876 in Kentucky - I don't have a death date.

She was married to a James Mynear. I've seen two different spellings for the last name of  Mynear (Mineer) and don't know which is correct. She and James had two kids Callie Dora Mynear (aka Babe) and Audry M. Mynear

I am not sure if James Mynear was Callie's real father or not. Callie did not take on the name Mynear so
either this wasn't her real father or she simply did not like him and didn't take his name. In Callie's Bible she has a lot of Kenney names logged but none of the Mynear name.

Mom told me that Mollie was always a happy woman and mom loved being around her. Mollie smoked a corn cob pop and years later mom wondered if she was smoking marijuana in her pipe. Especially since marijuana grew like wild flower in Kentucky. Mom says that it is through Mollie that we get our Cherokee bloodline. 

Here is what mom had to say about Mollie -
"Mary Jane lived to be around 90 ...I think. I don't know of any illnesses.
she smoked a corn cob pipe and liked her blackberry wine. she loved to joke around and absolutely did NOT take guff from anyone at all. Pretty healthy I guess. I've often wondered what she smoked in her pipe as she was always in a good mood. a lot of "tobacco" grew wild in Ky."

I have no idea who took this picture but I wonder how Mollie felt about having herself taken while coming out of an outhouse. lol! 

Below is Mollie Jane's Family tree line. And If I have this right .. she was one of  eight kids with her parents being Willis Kenney and Ruth Jane Feeback

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